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If you would like to find out more about racing on Live For Speed - especially if you are coming from a slot car background, visit our Sim Racing page. is a web site supporting two great and complementary ways of "playing motor racing". Established in 2005, we ran a public Scalextric Sport Digital (SSD) circuit for three years here in Somerset, UK. When this had to close due to rising costs and falling revenues at the start of the "credit crunch", the site shifted focus and whilst continuing to fully support and sell Scalextric Digital products through our Scalextric internet store we set up a Scalextric digital racing club where groups of up to six SSD enthusiasts bring along their own cars and race in competition. We also run a test track service on a private layout built from the materials previously used for the Cheddar Gorge Model Motor Racing Circuit.

Since 2007 we also started to use and support the internet digital racing simulator "Live for Speed" (LFS). LFS is an on-line motor racing simulation that caters for more than six racers at a time, racing on a wide variety of tracks in a selection of cars ranging from single seaters through to touring cars. About this time, for commercial reasons, Hornby decided to turn off the internet racing features of their Scalextric Sport World service so LFS is a nice substitute for that, allowing you to meet up and race on-line with other enthusiasts from around the world.

The two systems are well explained by the videos below.

Scalextric Digital (SSD)

20 second TV promo ad from 2007. The system will actually run 6 cars but this advert was based on the 4-car system available at the time. After the video click on a "related video" to see other Scalextric Digital circuits.

Scalextric is a great way to race model cars in your home environment or at a racing club. A wide range of models are available and other brands of cars such as Ninco, Fly, SCX, Carrera and Slot-It can run on or be converted to run on SSD. Find out more in the shop.

Live for Speed (LFS)

To run with more than 6 cars on a Scalextric track is not electronically possible at this time, and if it was, you'd need a lot of room for the track, drivers, and also race marshals. To race in a larger field of cars (potentially up to 40 or more), get out your force feedback wheel and go on line to the Live for Speed servers. This video is made from real in-game footage and shows the wide range of cars and circuits available.

Visitors to this site can also be found racing on-line at, which is a more advanced form of internet motorsport simulator (and also more expensive) but there is lots of good racing fun to be had there too. If you are an iRacing user perhaps we will see you on-line.